Keeping the community informed is a top priority for the Boston Public Schools. We offer a number of electronic newsletters and hope you will sign up for one or more of them.

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  • BPS This Week (a short weekly briefing on what's coming up)
  • On the Countdown! (the Countdown to Kindergarten newsletter)
  • BPS Today (monthly update for the community)


Sign up for BPS listservs by clicking the links below. Please note that some of the listservs are for internal use only and require a Boston Public Schools' email address to sign up. 

Central Office Staff - Periodic updates and memos for central office employees.
Bolling Building Staff - Updates for staff who work in the Bolling Building
BPS Technology - Monthly newsletters from the BPS Technology Department
Technology Issues - Notifications of technology-related issues and resolutions
Parcc Info - Updates & information on the PARCC assessments

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