Our Mission

The Office of Human Capital (OHC) in the Boston Public Schools was established in June 2011 in order to lead the district’s work in defining and supporting effective teaching. The OHC supports educators and evaluators across Boston’s eight school networks with the technical implementation of evaluation as well as skill-building in areas related to supervising, supporting and rating professional practice. We are dedicated to ensuring that there is an effective educator in every classroom and an effective principal in every school. 

Supporting Effective Teaching and Leadership

The Boston Public Schools (BPS) evaluation system supports the continuous growth of educators and students. With multiple measures of educator effectiveness and a process for educators to chart their own growth, this system is at the cutting edge of educator performance evaluation. Implemented well, the evaluation cycle enhances the work of both teachers and school leaders. OHC is already using aggregate data tagged to professional development offerings to prioritize the types of learning experiences for both teachers and evaluators.